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"Democratizing Data: Discovering Data Use for Research and Policy"

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Democratizing Data: A Search and Discovery Platform for Public Data Assets

Show how public data are being used in science so that the government can make more transparent public investments. We use machine learning and natural language processing to enable government agencies and researchers to quickly find the information they need.

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June 10, 2024

Enhancing Data Discovery with DemocratizingData.ai

This workshop will introduce the DemocratizingData.ai platform and the uses of its dashboard to research-oriented agricultural economists to gain insights from the usage of USDA data. The focus of the workshop is to gather feedback from the group about the current functionality of the USDA dashboard and potential future improvements.


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More information about data use

The platform provides information about the usage of data assets. It describes how datasets identified by federal agencies have been used in scientific research. It uses machine learning algorithms to search over 90 million documents and find how datasets are cited, in what publications, and what topics they are used to study.

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How do you use the platform?

Support for the Evidence Act

The Democratizing Data project is inspired by the 2018 Foundations for Evidence-based Policymaking Act. The platform is designed to facilitate the collaboration between federal agencies and the public for the purpose of understanding how government data assets are used.

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How can you get involved?

Ways to democratize data

The goal is to develop a community of practice through workshops, webinars, and direct engagement with the user community. The user community built the initial models through a Kaggle competition; a Show Us the Data conference brought together researchers, academic institutions, chief data officers, and publishers; subsequent conferences have built on the ideas. More are planned

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Learn from listening to podcasts

Learn from presentations and webinars

The federal agencies have made a number of presentations – at the Federal Committee on Survey Methodology and, The Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics.

There have also been a number of webinars and conferences on how data contribute to the value of science.

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A New Collaborative Search & Discovery Platform

The platform is expanding to include more agencies in 2024. There will be a special issue of the Harvard Data Science Review in March 2024, with almost 20 articles and vision pieces from well-known academics and government agency experts. There will be more webinars and podcasts.

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