USDA Dashboard

Explore how USDA data assets are used in published research.

The goal of the Democratizing Data Initiative is to enable different communities to understand how government data assets are used.

One way to build this understanding is through usage dashboards. Each dashboard on the right draws from a database that describes how National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) - USDA data assets are referenced in research publications.

The database links mentions of National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) - USDA data assets in research publications with the research topics of those publications, the publication authors, and their affiliated institutions.

Please note that this pilot project only reflects the information associated with the datasets requested by the agency for the project and is not intended to find all references to all datasets and data assets produced or supported by the agency.

Further exploration:

  • For more information about how the database is generated, go to our website ( or to the user guide
  • For users interested in exploring the data further, check out the APIs at the link below.
  • For our community of users interested in exploring data further, please go to SciServer and fill out a request for access to the data at the following link.