Our Tools


Democratizing Data has created a prototype dashboard that shows how scientific datasets are referenced in research papers. The dashboard is based on a Kaggle competition model and provides metadata on the links between datasets and publications, including information on researchers, their focus areas, and institutions. The team is seeking feedback from users and agencies to improve the dashboard and will provide opportunities for input at conferences and webinars.


How are dashboards used?

Finding recent publications for the topic and dataset of your interest

The dashboards can be used to find out information you need, by selecting single or multiple factors in different sections.

Where can I find dashboards?

You can find dashboards for our data partners using the links below.

The 5W's of NASS Data Usage

The USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) has created a dashboard that answers the 5W's (who, what when, where, and why) around usage of NASS data in research.

USDA Data Usage

Our USDA usage dashboard helps the public, including survey respondents, researchers, and the agriculture community at large understand how USDA datasets and data assets support research.